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Middlebury Revolving Loan Fund

The Middlebury Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) will be used to accelerate progress in reducing:
– operating expenses
– energy use
– greenhouse gas emissions
– and other inefficiencies while regenerating funds for future projects.

The RLF is intended to foster innovation and efficiency in capital projects by providing financial resources that are not currently available in typical departmental or project budgets. It will enable participants to think about doing projects on a broader, more creative scale than might otherwise be possible.

This commitment makes sense for Middlebury as the College has long been committed to leadership on environmental and sustainability issues, both from an academic and an operational perspective. The RLF will therefore encourage academic course projects that result in applications to the loan fund.

The fund will be seeded with $300,000 from the College with a goal of raising an additional $700,000 to make it a $1,000,000 loan fund.

Visit their webpage for more information about their fund.


Founding Circle


Middlebury, Vermont

Green Revolving
Fund Size

$1,000,000 Commitment


September 2011


Jack Byrne
Director, Sustainability Integration Office