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Green Revolving Fund

California State University of Fullerton (CSUF) is currently piloting its first ever Green Revolving Fund (GRF). This fund will lend itself to campus-wide energy initiatives whereby the utility incentive and the annual energy savings will be allocated to the GRF to fund future energy projects. In an effort to fully support campus sustainability and implementation of energy efficient technologies, CSUF’s inaugural allocation for the GRF will be $1,000,000. All respective utility rebates along with the annual energy savings will circulate back into the GRF until the fund is made whole again. Once the directed energy savings have refilled the GRF back to the original balance, each succeeding year will be pure cash flow to grow the fund exponentially over time.

A revolving fund such as this will expand the breadth of campus-wide energy projects and CSUF’s continued utilization of advanced green technologies. The GRF is just one of the many ways CSUF is excited to be leading the nation in sustainability, energy efficiency, and green technology education and advancement.


The higher education participants in The Challenge are managed by Second Nature. To learn more about how Second Nature plans to expand use of GRFs in higher education, visit their page!


Fullerton, California

Green Revolving
Fund Size

$1,000,000 Committed


July 2014


Matthew Pagano
Manager, Utility Enterprise and Energy CSUF