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Campus Energy and Sustainability Investment Program

Georgia Tech’s Campus Energy and Sustainability Investment Program helps bridge the disconnect between Capital and Operating Budgets to ensure that the campus continues to model its commitment to sustainability, especially related to effective energy efficiency and water conservation. As much as $5 million is allocated from various sources each year. In 2003, Georgia Tech was recognized as having the 13th LEED Certified building in the US. At that time, it also retrofit 64 buildings on campus for 11% greater energy efficiency as part of a program for sustainable buildings, economic development, and educating responsible global citizens and leaders. The success of these earlier energy efficiency programs encouraged Georgia Tech to invest in subsequent energy efficiency projects.

Campus-wide energy efficiency infrastructure programs such as boilers, lighting, automation, steam line repairs and HVAC projects, to date, have typically had a 1-5 year payback; this is well under Georgia Tech’s seven year payback goal for Campus Energy and Sustainability Investment Program projects. Savings and cost avoidance for 2010-11 are estimated at $5 million.


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Atlanta, Georgia

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$1,000,000; $6,000,000 Committed




Anne Rogers
Sustainability Program & Portfolio Manager