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Xavier from Alfond Hall 1 summerSaint Joseph’s College Green Revolving Fund

The Saint Joseph’s College Green Revolving Fund (GRF) is an investment fund that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects on campus, including waste reduction. The Fund provides capital for special projects conducted by Facilities that reduce environmental impact and can repay the fund with cost-savings within seven years. A portion of these savings are used to support a subsidiary Green Community Fund that finances smaller community-led sustainability projects that may lack monetary savings but are in clear alignment with Saint Joseph’s College’s sustainability objectives.

The mission of the Saint Joseph’s College GRF is to encourage environmentally sound technologies and practices on Saint Joseph’s campus. The GRF will finance innovative projects that reduce the College’s environmental impact, improve the educational environment, and generate financial returns while engaging students, staff, faculty, and administrators in the decision-making and implementation process. The fund will further the broader academic mission of the College while helping it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and embody the College’s values. Sustainability is a major organizing principal that underlies the goals of Saint Joseph’s College’s strategic plan, Sustaining the Promise.


The higher education participants in The Challenge are managed by Second Nature. To learn more about how Second Nature plans to expand use of GRFs in higher education, visit their page!


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