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The Siena Green Revolving Fund was established in 2021 to accelerate Siena’s transition into becoming a greener campus. The fund aims to maximize the operational efficiency of the college while limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing resource usage, and engaging the campus community. It does this by splitting funding between 1) non-competitive and 2) competitive proposals. 90% of the fund is dedicated to non-competitive projects that focus on larger utility savings, and 10% of the fund is dedicated to competitive community projects that may not have a high return on investment but align with Siena’s Sustainability Goals.

The Siena Green Revolving Fund is being run by the GRF Board, a subcommittee of the Siena Sustainability Steering Committee. This committee is composed of students and faculty from various departments who work together to support and advance sustainable initiatives on the Siena campus.


Loudonville, New York

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Dr. Kate Meierdiercks
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences