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Giants Head, Summerland, South Okanagan, summer, landscape, Darren RobinsonSummerland Green Revolving Fund

As the first Canadian governmental body to join the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, the District of Summerland is thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase the great work that is already happening in our community in addressing climate change. Also, by creating an objective process to assess and prioritize funding for climate action projects, we will improve the systems through which decision making on GHG reduction initiatives are made. Summerland’s Green Revolving Fund will be used to support the District’s Community and Corporate Climate Action Plans by funding projects that reduce or balance GHG emissions produced through the District’s operations (buildings and fleet). Seed funding for the fund has been provided by earmarking existing climate action funds for use in a revolving fund model.

Summerland is a signatory to the British Columbia Climate Action Charter, and has committed to working towards carbon neutrality in operations. The Corporate Climate Action Team – a cross-departmental staff working group – will lead Summerland’s participation in the Challenge and management of the fund.


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Tami Rothery
Sustainability / Alternative Energy Coordinator