Previously: Greening the Bottom Line 2011

Principal Author: Dano Weisbord
Contributing Authors: Julian Dautremont-Smith, Mark Orlowski
Published: February 2011

Description: Greening the Bottom Line 2011, published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) with more than a dozen partner organizations, brings to light current trends based on the first survey ever conducted about green revolving funds (GRFs) in higher education. Green revolving funds invest in enhancing energy efficiency and decreasing resource use, thereby reducing operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost savings boost the bottom line and replenish the GRF for investment in the next round of green upgrades.

To better understand the emerging trend toward the creation of more GRFs, SEI conducted a survey in 2010 of colleges and universities using green revolving funds. Greening the Bottom Line 2011 examines and evaluates the results of this survey of 52 institutions.