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GRITS_Logo_wTag_RGB-for-web-withtagWith the release of the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) 1.7 project tracking web tool, the Sustainable Endowments Institute is also launching a new way for institutions to access GRITS in order to manage efficiency projects on their campus: GRITS Affiliates. Subscriptions to GRITS through the Affiliates program are open to any institution, whether or not it has a revolving fund, and allows for those outside the Billion Dollar Green Challenge to access GRITS.

Affiliates subscribers have access to the full features of the GRITS tool, including functionality to both manage projects at their institution as well as view data on project financial and environmental performance from other institutions. The tool accommodates the various needs of energy and sustainability officers, from adding user accounts and setting access levels to exporting data and producing reports with charts and graphs.

The Affiliates program expands the impact of the innovative GRITS tool, growing the Project Library and increasing GRITS’ ability to share energy efficiency best practices. Institutions subscribed through GRITS Affiliates contribute their completed projects to the Project Library and can view projects at other institutions. GRITS Affiliates will help encourage collaboration across sectors as well, as more colleges, universities, hospitals, municipalities, and private companies use the tool.

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GRITS Affiliates Summary

Summary of the GRITS Affiliates program



To better illustrate the GRITS Affiliates program and provide a visual example, SEI has produced a brief introductory video and also five-minute video tour. These videos illustrates how GRITS can streamline the measurement and tracking of project data and help produce Reports with informative visuals. A webinar presented in 2014 also provided an in-depth description of the original GRITS 1.0 platform and includes information on the GRITS Affiliates program as well as a case study of GRITS at Denison University in Ohio. GRITS 1.7 is the newest version of the tool. For more information on the newest version of GRITS, find out more here.

GRITS – A Brief Introduction (3:50) grits_video3

GRITS Affiliates Video (5:00)
GRITS Affiliates Video

GRITS 1.0 Webinar (55:00)

Interested in a personal tour of GRITS 1.7? Contact Aaron Karp, Senior Research Fellow, at

Plans & Pricing


Access to GRITS Affiliates

This table shows the three levels of subscription to GRITS Affiliates — Basic, Plus, and Unlimited. Each of the three levels includes GRITS’ core functions which track projects and portfolios, automatically calculate returns, and manage users.

Beyond the Basic level access to the dashboard, projects overview page, and project details pages, Plus includes the Project Library, which allows subscribers to see other institutions’ completed projects data, and export your own project data. Unlimited access includes the Reporting feature which lets users generate custom graphs and charts. See here for more information on the capabilities of the GRITS tool.

GRITS Affiliates is affordably priced to allow all institutions to benefit from using the powerful GRITS web tool.

Basic access to GRITS Affiliates starts at $80/month or $800/year for nonprofit institutions with operating budgets under $100 million. Discounts are available for AASHE members (5 percent) and American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) signatories  (10 percent).

For more information about subscribing to GRITS Affiliates including a price quote, or to request a free 30-day trial access to GRITS, please email