December Newsletter: Is GRITS the perfect addition to your holiday menu?

December 18, 2019

Hello Everyone! We know you are tracking energy and sustainability progress, not just who’s been naughty or nice. We wanted to quickly share FREE resources that can support your sustainability work.

GRITS Goals: Building a Path Towards Carbon Neutrality

GRITS is already helping replace spreadsheets for tracking energy, financial, and carbon savings from users’ sustainability projects. We are now working to develop GRITS Goals, a new suite of features within GRITS that will empower users to develop detailed climate and sustainability action plans by assembling projects into resource reduction scenarios.

GRITS Goals will combine GRITS’ business case analysis, customizable project timelines, and dynamic charting to map out pathways from business as usual to aggressive energy, carbon, and other resource reduction targets. It will also help optimize project sequencing and execution timelines to allow for more precise planning.

GRITS Goals will measure users’ progress towards sustainability goals and include an optional live public dashboard displaying key progress metrics. This will be the largest single expansion of GRITS’ capabilities since its launch on Earth Day in 2014.

“Philly Skyline – South Street Bridge – Golden Hour” by hao$ is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Upcoming Webinar: Jan 15, 2020, 2pm Eastern

To learn more about GRITS and how to harness the power of an integrated project tracking platform, we encourage you to attend an upcoming webinar on the latest features in GRITS 3.5 along with a case study by the City of Philadelphia’s Dominic McGraw, Efficiency & Projects Manager. This webinar will provide insight into how a large municipal user sets up, monitors, and leverages GRITS to advance their energy efficiency goals. Register here!

Little Videos

We have some new short videos for you all! Take a look at this: a quick tour of how Colgate University has used GRITS to track their project savings. Here’s another – a great overview of how the Vermont State Energy Management Program has harnessed GRITS to simplify their GHG reduction efforts in Vermont.

3,000 Projects!

Look to the right side of this screenshot from our homepage: 3,000 Completed Projects! Our community of users across hundreds of campuses, municipal portfolios, and other collections of buildings—including many of you—have made a difference. Now take a look at the energy, financial, and carbon savings that have been achieved.  Each project is adding up to our shared mission to reduce energy expenditure and move toward lower greenhouse gas emissions. Congratulations!

Social Media

We’re on Twitter! Send us your handles, or tweet at us @goGRITS – we would love to engage with you and share stories about resource efficiency projects. And to kick things off, we’d like to hear about how GRITS facilitates your sustainability work. One of the ways GRITS makes life easier is by eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Please share your stories with us on Twitter and tag it #ditchspreadsheets!

Here’s to a happy holiday season and to a great 2020! Cheers to you!